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ICYMI: Jeon So Min returns on the latest episode of Running Man!

Jeon So Bari is back in our Running Man screens!

Upon making her unofficial appearance from last week’s episode, So Min is finally back to rejoin the members of Running Man.

Last April, So Min took a break from all of her activities including her weekly appearance in Running Man due to her health condition. She used her month-long hiatus to recover and focus on her health.

For this week’s episode, So Min is now back looking healthy and is ready to have fun with her fellow members! Before meeting the members, So Min expressed to the crew how nervous she is once again and telling: “It feels like it is my first day in Running Man again.”

Photo screen grabbed from Viu.

So Min teasingly greeted the members with her usual habit of drawing back her hair over her ears. The members are happy to see So Min looking healthier than ever and expressed how much they missed her!

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Photo screen grabbed from Viu.

So Min also stated on how she noticed that there many cameras around. However, the members teased her to stop it implying that she’s been only gone for a month.

Photo screen grabbed from Viu.

To make her return official, So Min greets the viewers with her usual introduction, “Hello everyone, I’m Jeon So Min.”

Photo screen grabbed from Viu.

The episode this week made the members focused on the hidden gems found in a mysterious village called Gujeon. However, the members slowly uncovers the truth behind the village with the different clues they discover.

Kim Gye Ran also makes a surprise appearance for this episode. To know his role, check out the latest episode of Running Man available in Viu! You can watch it here.

Meanwhile, Running Man members is set to meet their Filipino fans for their “A Decade of Laughter Fan Meeting” this December.

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