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Production staff of “Vagabond” responds to possibility of season 2

The production staff of SBS drama Vagabond answered questions on Sunday regarding to its possibility of season two.

According to a source from Celltrion Entertainment in an exclusive interview with OSEN, there is no confirmation yet if there would be another season for the drama.

As translated by Soompi, “It was planned and produced with a second season in mind. However, season two has not been confirmed, and it’s currently being reviewed. We are reviewing the schedules of the actors, writers, and directors.”

With the 11 months of preparation, shooting, and production process, the source shared that it was relieving and sad at the same time.

The source also expressed gratitude to the actors and staffs who worked on the drama from the beginning until its 16th episode.

Vagabond aired its last episode on November 23.

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