6 Reasons why “Mouse” is a must-watch psychopathic series

Disclaimer: No spoiler content. This article is made to have an overview of what you will look forward to in the series.

Who would have thought that a thriller drama with its simple one-word title will literally wrack your brain because of its mind-blowing twists?

Mouse starring Lee Seung Gi and Lee Hee Jun is one of the best thriller and action dramas in 2021 that gives the viewers a roller coaster ride of emotions and events.

It started with a notorious psychopath who deceived people through his kind identity but turned out to be a psycho — emotionless and killed numerous people. The killings continued by his son and a mind-blowing chain of events get tangled as the characters take their part in the story, as well as their fate began to unfold.

Here are the reasons you need to look forward to in this series:

1. Unpredictable and jaw-dropping twists


The viewers literally got a knack and were surprised about the story’s unpredictable twists. Literally, no one expected all of it! No one expected the never-ending twists until the finale.

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It is your turn and will to find out these twists that would make your jaw drop and your mind work on its peak.

2. Well-written and captivating story

Aside from the twists, Mouse has really an interesting story that is well-written and quite captivating.

Since the first episode, you will be curious about the purpose of the writer, how it will end, and how will the characters achieved justice. This story is indeed unique from the other psychopathic stories for it tells not just about the crimes and psychopaths but also plays with our mind.

It makes us think about a lot of possibilities that will use our cognitive mind in solving the crimes as well as understanding each character.

3. Another way of engaging with psychopaths

Psychopath series are not rare in Korea. There are also other series with the same genre but Mouse has different approaches in dealing with the said people.

Mouse leaves you a question even before the story has started. This question has also been surfacing before the series premieres:

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If you have known that the baby in your belly has psychopath genes, would you still choose to born him/her or would you resort to abortion?

Would you continue to give him life despite the consequences you will face in the future? Which decision is less inhuman? And the decision you wouldn’t regret?

4. Lee Seung Gi’s wide acting skills

Special mention to Lee Seung Gi as the main lead of this series!

He proves once again that he is an expert in this field. His wide acting skill in conveying the character of Jung Ba Reum is just so good that all of us might be surprised.

No doubt that he is really a good actor and deserves more recognition and praises in the industry.

5. All-rounded casts

Aside Lee Seung Gi, the rest of the casts are all-rounded and versatile!

Each character has stories to tell and the casts portray their respective roles perfectly. Commending Lee Hee Jun, Park Ju Hyun, Kwon Hwa Woon, and Kyung Soo Jin for giving us convincing characters that add to the thrill of the series.

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Another daebak for the casts!

6. Cogent and eerie cinematography

Since it is an action and thriller series, the vibe and atmosphere of the cinematography compel to the genre that makes us feel the real deal of thriller series.

The way the motion of the camera shifts in the perfect angle, the color theme of the series, and even how was the crime committed are all convincing.

Definitely not for those who easily got scared and couldn’t contain to see blood and bodies because it might cause a trigger.

Everything in the series is so good! I love how it started and the flow and journey of unveiling the truth, until the end.

Mouse is a masterpiece that you shouldn’t miss. It will challenge you and make you see and realize the other perspectives in life. And surely, you can make the most of your time in enjoying this series.

What are you waiting for? Watch Mouse now!

All photos are courtesy of tvN.
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