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5 Reasons Why You Should Watch “Dinner Mate”

Looking for something light with a bit of romance to watch? Then Dinner Mate is the drama for you! It is based on a Webtoon entitled, “Shall We Eat Dinner Together?”. After watching the first two episodes, I am now anticipating the next episodes. Let me share some of the reasons why you should not miss it. There might be spoilers but I will try to not reveal so much.

1. A Second Chance in Love

Everyone who have watched Crash Landing On You definitely wants to see a happy ending for Seo Dan and Gu Seung Joon. To be honest, they are one of the reasons why I decided to watch this drama. I am one of those people who are hoping to see them together again. The scene they have may be short but everyone will agree that they really look good together.

©MBC Drama

2. The Story

When you meet a person more than once you know that it’s no longer a coincidence. Kim Hae Kyung meets his patients by dining with them. In one of his consultations, he accidentally witnessed how Woo Do Hee catches her boyfriend cheating on her. His patient, having experienced being left by her boyfriend felt that if Kim Hae Kyung was able to help Woo Do Hee, she might feel that she will have a chance to heal as well.

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After having her heart broken, Woo Do Hee shows no sign of pain. People might think that she was not really hurt at all. But there are just some scars that can’t be seen, and can only be felt. Without knowing Kim Hae Kyung’s occupation, she was able to survive the most painful day of her life by having someone to look after her who does not ask for details, but still understands the words that were not spoken.

3. Song Seung Heon

He was the first Oppa that I met. I will never forget his role as “Johnny” from Endless Love: Autumn in My Heart. I still remember the OST that played for that drama. Noona of K-Dramas, show yourselves. 😊 I was actually uneasy at first that he won’t be able to have a chemistry with Seo Ji Hye since I already wanted Seo Ji Hye for Kim Jung Hyun. But after watching them together my heart calms and my face smiled. He effortlessly played his role as Kim Hae Kyung. The famous Psychiatrist that everyone wants to feature and interview but failed to.

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©MBC Drama
©MBC Drama

4. Seo Ji Hye

I didn’t expect that she would make me love her so much. She is the type of girl who will really get on your nerves when she’s all serious and frowning. But she will definitely melt your heart with her smile and tears. I can see how her role as Woo Do Hee fitted her perfectly.

©MBC Drama
©MBC Drama

5. The Supports

No drama is complete without the supporting casts, and that includes the cameos as well. The drama just started and there are some noticeable characters already. I know that in the coming episodes a lot more surprises will come and additional casts will be introduced. But here are some of the characters that are memorable.

A. Extraordinary Boss

Whenever I see her in a drama I know that it will be good. I love the way she acts and how she embodies her character that makes acting look so easy. I loved her in Still 17 and I am loving her now in this drama. Meet Nam A-Young (Ye Ji Won). That one of a kind boss that you can bargain with, as long as you bring good results.

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B. Super-involved Nurse

Lee Byeong Jin (Kim Seo Kyung) is not just a nurse, he is also the love advisor of Kim Hae Kyung. He handles most of the things around Kim Hae Kyung’s clinic. He even makes sure that Kim Hae Kyung won’t grow old alone. They don’t look like a boss and an employee when they bicker, they look more like brothers.

C. That Cameo

No one beats his appearance in this drama. It may have not been the character we wanted him to play but his presence made up for it. Lee Young Dong (Kim Jung Hyun) will surely make you hope for a happy ending specially when he is with Woo Do Hee. But the thing about happy endings is that they only exist in fairytales.

***If you are looking for something light and sweet with a dash of comedic moments, this one is for you. It will definitely calm your overthinking mind and make you smile while watching it. If you are brokenhearted, I also recommend that you watch this, you might learn a thing or two from Woo Do Hee and Kim Hae Kyung.

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