Red Velvet’s Joy challenges Crush if “Mayday” ranks #1 on charts

Update as of May 20:

Red Velvet’s Joy and Crush hosted a live broadcast to celebrate the release of their new song Mayday.

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Joy said in the broadcast that she is honored to be featured in Crush’s song as she is a big fan of him.

Crush also thanked Joy for her participation in the song and stated, “I’m honored. While making the song, I thought Joy’s voice was essential and suggested it. Thank you once again for helping me with this song.”

Moreover, Joy bursts into laughter when the viewers commented that Crush’s appearance resembled the character of Lightning Man (Bungaeman).

Lightning Man photo. Source: CineMaterial

She then challenged Crush to wear Lightning Man costume and dance to Red Velvet’s Psycho if Mayday will top the charts.

Crush gamingly replied, “Okay. I have nothing to lose.”

Meanwhile, Mayday is now available in various music outlets. Stream now and let’s see Crush in the Lightning Man costume while dancing Psycho!

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Watch and listen to Mayday below:

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Original article:

According to Sporty News on May 13, it is confirmed that Red Velvet’s Joy will be featured on the title track Mayday from Crush’s new single Homemade 1.

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Homemade 1 is Crush’s new single after the released of his second full-length album From Midnight to Sunrise last December.

This single is also said as the beginning of his Homemade series.

Moreover, this collaboration will marks as Crush and Joy’s first time working together.

They are expected to create a song that can be recalled every spring as they are both known having such amazing and undeniable vocals.

Mayday will be released on May 20 at 6 PM KST.

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