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K-movie Recommendation: A Werewolf Boy

If you are looking for a movie with an amazing and heart-touching story, then A Werewolf Boy is the right one for you! But first, prepare your heart and tissue, mga bes!

A Werewolf Boy is a 2012 romance fantasy film starring Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young. It tells the story of Soon Yi, a girl who is relocated to a province with her family due to her lung disease and later on met Chul Soo, a strange boy.

Below are the following reasons why this movie is worth the watch:

Nostalgic Setting

Source: Hancinema

The countryside vibes show a lot of reminiscences as two different teenagers spend their youth across their time.

‘A Werewolf Boy’ is a classic film that will bring you countless scenes of enchantment on how it is like living in the countryside.

Brilliant Casts

Screenshot via Viu

Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young will surely make your heart flutter in this movie.

The movie showcases a lot of moments between the two; they will surely make you laugh and cry at the same time. There are no dull moments in the movie as main characters bring out the true essence of the film.

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Chul Soo’s Uncanny Moments

Screenshot via Viu

Portrayed by Song Joong Ki, Chul Soo is a strange boy with strange acts that will bring you so much laughter and tears.

Moreover, you will definitely be entertained by his cute moments throughout the movie. Certainly, Chul Soo caught everyone’s heart just by doing anything in the movie.

Strange Story of Love

This movie is a perfect portrayal of the quote, “Love is patient.”

Indeed, a love build from unexpected friendship is inseparable; like as they say, at the end of the day, love will truly find its way home.

Personally, I still cry even if I have already watched the movie so many times. ‘A Werewolf Boy’ will always have a special spot on my top favorite movies. Definitely, highly recommended!

Featured photo from Hancinema and film screenshots from Viu

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