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Park Seo Joon, Park Bo Young, and Lee Byung Hun officially started filming for “Concrete Utopia”

The filming of the highly anticipated sci-fi film “Concrete Utopia” starring Park Seo JoonPark Bo Young, and Lee Byung Hun has officially started today, April 16.

“Concrete Utopia” is a sci-fi thriller film that will tackle the experiences and struggles of survivors in an apartment in Seoul after the huge earthquake devastated the city.

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Park Seo Joon will play as Min Sung, a salary man who also helps Young Tak.

“I am thrilled to challenge a new genre. I will do my best to show good works to the audience,” Park Seo Joon stated.

Meanwhile, Park Bo Young is Myung Hwa (wife of Min Sung), a former nurse that also offers help for the survivors.

Also, Lee Byung Hun will play the role of Young Tak, a resident representative who led the rescue and operation team during the said disaster.

Park Seo JoonPark Bo Young, and Lee Byung Hun showed their excitement of working together for the first time during the script reading of the said film.

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It was August 2020 when Lotte Entertainment confirmed the official casting of the said sci-fi film.

Moreover, “Concrete Utopia” is also based on a popular webtoon titled “Yukwaehan Yiwoot” written by Kim Soong-Nyoong.

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