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Sentimental review for Master’s Sun: A tale of two hearts in the world full of ghosts

Horror genre is not my thing. If I will be asked to choose between watching a horror series or not to take a bath for a day; I’d prefer the latter. In a matter of fact, way back in junior high days; I once declined a friendly date after knowing that my best friend wanted to watch a well-known horror movie. To fight this kind of fear or whatever others call it; I even tested myself back then by watching few horror films, but I ended up not finishing all of it. However, Master’s Sun is way different above all. Maybe it’s true when they say that there is an exception to every rule. Guess what! I had even watched this Korean drama thrice.

The Lesson

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Master’s Sun offers more than what a viewer could ever ask for. Truthfully, it is not just about the ghosts chasing down Tae Gong Shil, nor about the painful past of Joo Joong Won. Through this K-drama, I have learned how meaningful a help could be for other people (and ghosts?). Yet, it will never be that easy for some to lend a helping hand to others. Nevertheless, it does not make their efforts any less as it is still a step closer in making a change.

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The Incomparable Acting Skills

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Master’s Sun is the first horror drama that I became a fan of. Just a fun fact, it is not just me who is so into this series; my mother is actually with me! We were together in watching Master’s Sun for how many times. We were also together in fangirling over So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin. Both of the mentioned actors are indeed remarkable and are surely one of the prominent Hallyu stars that have entered the industry.

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On the other hand, there are more reasons why Master’s Sun is indeed a must-watch piece. For instance, when Kang Woo (Seo In Guk) was rejected in the K-drama; I felt so broken inside. In which, it only signifies how outstanding their performances are. Aside from that, even the minor characters could pull off their powers to impact the watchers in a good way.

The Things that Complement the K-drama

Besides the actors and actresses’ great acting skills, there is more things that complement the Master’s Sun. For instance, its romance and comedy genre that blends well with the horror genre. Next is its original sound tracks (OSTs) that add feels to its viewers. Then the iconic tandem of So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin as a couple. Lastly is the plot that gives justice to the theme and conflicts.

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The Content

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Personally, the memorable line of Joo Joong Won (So Ji Sub) in the drama is get lost. I could not stop myself from getting thrilled and somehow mad over him for forcing Tae Gong Shil to go away from him. However, as soon as I reached the part when the truth behind Joo Joong Won’s personality and attitude have finally been revealed; I cannot totally blame him why he acted so cold in front of everyone.

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What is so amazing but seriously a truth exposed in Master’s Sun is that everyone hides goodness in their heart despite the bad attitude that they are showing off. Yet, we will only be able to see such change if we will try to give them a chance and time to reflect on. As said by Tae Gong Shil, “Loving someone doesn’t always mean sharing happiness.” Due to the fact that loving should also share understanding over a cup of fights.

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Love is what makes one’s life so beautiful despite bad circumstances, they say. However, to start loving someone else; one needs courage and genuine intention. Wherein, to be loved back should not be the target, but to make the other person happy. As seen in Master’s Sun, love can also lights up the darkened world of a person; just like what it is like for the lead characters and for the other ones.

If there will be one drama I would be re-watching all my life with my loved ones, it will be the Master’s Sun. Owing to the fact that this K-drama taught us how to purely love and help others despite of who they are.

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