AO Exclusives: Meet South Korean K-Hiphop Indie Artist, JUNGSU

The Filipino fans is slowly welcoming a new trend of Korean music which is Korean hip hop. Some of the popular K-hip hop names are Jay Park, Beenzino, Dynamic Duo and so much more.

Annyeong Oppa was lucky to meet Jungsu Park, an independent K-hip hop artist that everyone shouldn’t sleep on.

Meet Jungsu

Now, I embrace my identity in both Korean and American cultures with open heart to connect with other cultures.


Jungsu was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. At the age of 8, he moved to Los Angeles and lived there ever since. The sudden change of environment weren’t easy for Jungsu especially when it comes to language, education, and cultural exchange. He shared, “I felt like my Korean self was no longer relevant in my new American life. I felt obsolete.”

He took it as a challenge to embrace the new changes in his life. Expressing his passion for sharing the sense of belonging to those who feel out of place as he felt it before. From his years of staying in the States, Jungsu said, “Now, I embrace my identity in both Korean and American cultures with open heart to connect with other cultures.”

Visiting the Philippines

One thing that Jungsu shared with us is that he already visited the Philippines! It happened during the summer after his freshman year in college. He stayed in the country for a month with his Christian fellowship group.

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Jungsu shared that he stayed in Solano, Nueva Vizcaya and traveled around the province performing skits, dances, and singing songs about Jesus. He also shared that his favorite place visited so far would be the Banaue Rice Terraces.

Starting his music career

What started as an academic joke became a passion as I gradually became attracted to the versatility of rap.


Jungsu shared his first encounter with rap during his 8th grade. It happened when his math teacher asked his class to memorize the digits of Pi (π). Jungsu worked with a friend by using Eminem’s Lose Yourself; they incorporated the lyrics with numbers to make it even more fun. Who would’ve thought that from that encounter, it led him to where he is now, being passionate and attracted to the versatility of rap.

He explained, “It is a little more fast-paced than singing; rapping holds more word capacity and allows me to share a more detailed story.  Having a striking tone, rapping makes it easier to add various emotions to it, such as confidence, joy, and even anger and sadness.”

When we asked why he choose the path of being a musician, Jungsu answered: “I just kept falling in love with the path of a musician as I attempted to mix both styles of singing and rapping in my songs. I’ve grown up singing all my life at church and in the shower, but “singing-rapping” gave me a unique sense of euphoria that I couldn’t find in just doing one or the other by itself.”

You can listen to his latest song, Ocean Waves here:

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Inspired by fellow K-Hiphop Artists

There are many ways individuals can give back to their communities, but I discovered mine through the power of music that helped me during the battle of my personal fears.


After spending his day studying and working, he likes to tune in to K-Hiphop artist too! He listens to Christ by pH-1, and My Star by BewhY in the midst of his strained friendships, or when he’s just pondering about his future.

Jungsu explained, “I truly resonated with their bravery to shed light on real issues of loneliness and uncertainty that many people face.”

These artists encouraged Jungsu with their songs. He was inspired to uplift others using his own words and music to spread a worthy message. Jungsu wants to spread a message of hope through his music and do something about the change he wants in this world.

He also made an exclusive cover of Zico’s Any Song for us featuring Randy, as his keyboardist!

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Introducing OFF A CLIFF

Jungsu has already released such as Ocean Waves, Broken, and Summer Vacay. He is currently preparing for the release of his latest work, OFF A CLIFF the song expresses the extreme distress of being shut down by a close friend or a romantic partner.

In this song, I reveal my personal struggle for human approval that doesn’t leave me fulfilled.


Jungsu also explained that his latest work sheds light with the current situation of COVID-19 which forced majority of the world to stay at home and be under quarantine. The virus has taken many lives but it also caused the normal lives people were used to slow down and be anxious during the stressful situation. This is a song of grief and vulnerability, being real with life’s emotions and questions.

Get his latest updates!

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Catch Jungsu’s upcoming single, OFF A CLIFF that will be released on April 27!

Annyeong Oppa team would want to thank Jungsu for this amazing feature! We wish you the best in your future endeavors!

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