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I.M’s first solo digital album ‘Duality’ up for release on February 19

The release of more details for IM’s solo album ‘Duality’ has MONBEBE buzzing with excitement!

Starship Entertainment recently dropped a photo teaser, schedule, and the tracklist for I.M’s solo digital album ‘Duality.’

Teaser and Schedule for I.M’s Duality released by Starship Ent.

Duality will be making its way to fan’s hearts on February 19, featuring the title track “God Damn” written by I.M composed together with WOOKI. Other tracks are Howlin’, Burn, Happy to Die, and flower-ed.

In previous years, I.M released mixtapes like Fly With Me back in 2018, Horizon in 2019, and his first mixtape WHO AM I released back in 2016. Duality is here to convey that I.M is just getting started!

Witness I.M’s Duality with the release of concept photos on Valentine’s Day and the MV teaser on February 17!

Don’t forget to use the official hashtags on the 19th of February to help promote I.M’s solo digital album: #IM #DUALITY #IM_DUALITY #MONSTAX #MONSTA_X #몬스타엑스 #아이엠 #아이엠_이중성

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