Kim Wooseok will have his first solo reality show, Wooseok’s Unboxing to meet and communicate with his fans more.

Wooseok’s Unboxing is a reality program featuring Wooseok’s “Wise Bangkok Life.” The program will focus on Wooseok’s daily life who is much known as a homebody, while he makes preparation for his upcoming album.

Wooseok, recently made headlines by announcing his debut as an actor, as he is playing Hyunjin, the male lead in the new Playlist web drama Twenty-Twenty. This will be a new step for his career as he takes on challenge doing a reality show.

He also drew much attention by announcing that his first solo album will be released on May 25.

A lot of people are also expecting high and excited to learn new aspects of Wooseok that might be revealed in the upcoming reality show.

He also announced the official name of his fandom after fans voted for their choice. His fans are now called Nia.

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It comes from Begonia “Nia”, a flower that blooms all year round, a four season flower that means fans who spend every season with Kim Wooseok like Begonia, it’s a flower that gives love.

Meanwhile, Wooseok’s Unboxing will premiere on May 6 (Wednesday). It will be available on the Seezn app every Wednesday and Thursday at 6 p.m. You can watch it in the said app for free.

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