Lin Yi and Shen Yue to reunite in upcoming C-Drama, “Smile Code”

Chinese actors Lin Yi and Shen Yue will star in an upcoming Chinese drama titled, Smile Code.

The upcoming Chinese drama follows the story of a comedian, Gu Yi (played by Shen Yue), who meets the emotionless, Liang Daiwen (played by Lin Yi). Despite their different personalities, Gu Yi and Daiwen will find the medicine of joy in each other that will cure their souls.

Smile Code will be Shen Yue and Lin Yi’s reunion project since the movie, One Week Friends. Both of their characters were friends and not romantically involved but this time, they will be paired as the leads of this upcoming romance drama.

Shen Yue and Lin Yi are very familiar faces to C-drama viewers especially to teen and youthful dramas.

Shen Yue’s role as a cheerful person might not be new to viewers since her role in her first C-drama, A Love So Beautiful. Her past role as Chen Xiaoxi is an optimistic girl. Lin Yi, on the other hand, has played a cold character in his Chinese drama, Put Your Head On My Shoulder.

No news has been released when the drama will be aired, but it will be released under Tencent Video.

Source 1 and featured image courtesy of Lin Yi and Shen Yue on Weibo

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