ICYMI: Studio Ghibli to release ‘Aya to Majo’ as the studio’s first 3DCG movie

Aya to Majo, Studio Ghibli’s first 3DCG movie will be coming this winter. It will be featured on Japanese public TV – NHK General, sources confirmed.

Published in 2011 as Earwig and the Witch, Aya to Majo is an adaptation of the novel by Diana Wynne Jones. The writer’s work Howl’s Moving Castle is also a Studio Ghibli production from way back 2004. It is part of her The Moving Castle book series.

Tokuma Shoten adapted the book in Japanese back in 2011. Goro Miyazaki, Hayao Miyazaki’s son, will be the film’s director while he serves as the film’s planner. This will be the second time that the father and son duo will be working together and adopting the same roles.

Aya to Majo, like many of the studio’s films, will focus on a female protagonist – Aya described by the movie’s producer, Toshio Suzuki, as the smartest girl in the world. 

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He also shares that as everybody asks the question of what the world will be like after the pandemic, their work focusing on Aya’s intelligence and cleverness will be a way to communicate to people that with these traits you can overcome anything.

Hayao Miyazaki is also currently working on his next film Kimi-tachi wa Dō Ikiru ka or ‘How Do You Live?’ that he dedicates to his grandson.

Surely, Aya will be an addition to all the characters we came to love from Studio Ghibli films.

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