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Shut Up! Flower Boy Band: K-drama about friendship and passion

Written by: Jonalyn Infante

Where are my 2010 Korean drama chingus at? An era when a boy band named Eye Candy from tvN drama Shut Up! Flower Boy Band, reminded us the true essence of friendship and the happiness we felt in doing our passion. 

Shut Up! Flower Boy Band tells us the story of a group of boys called Eye Candy who rules their school until a redevelopment plan forces the delinquent-ridden school to close down. They’re all assigned to transfer to Jung Sang High where they face the school’s current ruling music band, Strawberry Fields. 

The plot itself brings back the old school feels — bad boys, gangsters, and bands. The overflowing vibes in introducing the members of a band in a drama is definitely never getting old. Episode 1 with the narration of each member’s talents in the group is truly nostalgic. Like the calm river, the plot develops smoothly. It is not complex nor light, just enough to make your heart warm, break, yet be healed again.

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It is also very engaging that made me feel like I was part of their world too, showcasing a glimpse of the life and hardships of the rookie idols. As a fangirl myself, it made me understand artists and musicians more deeply.

Moreover, this drama deals with friendship, relationships, and passion for music. And I can assure you that both music and K-drama lovers will definitely love Shut Up! Flower Boy Band. Yeorobeun, meet Eye Candy!


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No one can tear these handsome troublemakers apart. The love they have for each other keeps them together. They know each other’s problems, been there through ups and downs, and supported each other like a family. 

We all know that fights and arguments between friends couldn’t be avoided but that’s what made Eye Candy’s friendship even stronger. Witnessing their laughter and smiles after the hardships they went through is very heartwarming.


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Eye Candy’s overflowing passion fills the air whenever they sing and play their instruments. I was so attached to them that I wished Eye Candy was a real existing band. They did so much more than they could imagine and became a star. 

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Despite being an idol rock band, they show their true selves and didn’t put up an act to impress other people. They do what they wanted to do as long as they are happy together. Music is indeed a healing one for our soul and true passion resides in yourself.


This K-drama made me love rock bands even more. The OST’s are the best! You should definitely add Jay Walking and Wake Up to your playlist. It can make your head bang while listening to Sung Joon’s voice. 

Meanwhile, Love U Like U is very sweet sang by Kim Myungsoo. Hearing his voice and Lim Kim’s will make you feel butterflies in your stomach.

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Overall, I will rate this drama 10/10. The ending was satisfying. After a lot of laughter and tears, my heart became full like an empty glass filled with water. And I am sincerely happy about whatever decision they made at the end. I’m an Eye Candy fan forever.

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