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Get your K-Food Cravings Fixed with “Kimchi Kingdom!”

With our much love for the Korean culture, one of the thing that we can get closer with Korea would be their food. From the samgyupsals, bingsu, kimchi, and street food, they are also one of the trending food concepts in the metro.

When I was browsing my timeline, I accidentally stumbled upon a food post of someone. My eyes lit up when I saw my favorite Korean side dish — Odeng. So I immediately visited the store behind the appetizing dish.

That’s where I’ve met Kimchi Kingdom. I’ve ordered from them for multiple times already. On my latest order with them, I took courage to ask some questions to get to know them better, and I’ll share their answers and food with you!

Insipired by the influence of Hallyu Wave to the Pinoy Fans

Kimchi Kingdom started due to the popularity of the Korean culture among the Filipinos. They initially started their business by selling homemade kimchi in their neighborhood.

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Photo from Kimchi Kingdom’s Facebook

“Our homemade kimchi created positive impacts that helped us add some of our specialties in the menu.”

Kimchi Kingdom

True enough, Kimchi Kingdom is slowly gaining popularity for their mouthwatering menu of Korean dishes!

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Locally made with a Korean touch!

What makes their dishes special? It’s the chef! Kimchi Kingdom is a family owned business.

My mother, who is a pure Korean, is the head of the kitchen. Although culinary has never been a part of her career, she invested a lot of time and effort into creating the most perfect version of her recipe.

Kimchi Kingdom

The store is strategically located in the boundary of Lower Antipolo and Rizal. They offer delivery services around Rizal and Metro Manila!

The Food

Kimchi Kingdom offers variety of Korean dishes from solo serving to party sizes! Of course, I’ve tried some of their dishes and I highly recommend it for you guys to try it too!

I’m sharing with you the dishes that I’ve personally picked:


Price: Php 100 (Solo) Php 380 (Family)

Korea’s most popular side dish, the fishcake is served in a good amount. Personally speaking, I’m really a fan of odeng. Whenever I visit unlimited KBBQ stores, the fishcake is something I endlessly ask for a refill. Kimchi Kingdom’s odeng is really delicious for me!

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Tteokbokki (Rice Cake)

Price: Php 100 (Solo) Php 380 (Family)

I am honestly not a fan of spicy food. So when it comes to Korean food, I only choose the food that aren’t spicy. However, I tried to do something new and ordered the Spicy Tteokbokki! Luckily, Kimchi Kingdom can create it according to my preference! I asked them to tone down the spiciness and I love it!

Gyeran Mari (Egg Roll)

Price: Php 80 (Solo) Php 300 (Family)

It is one of the must try for anyone who’s looking for a new twist when it comes to egg! Gyeran Mari is the Korean’s version for omelette! To make it more delicious, it has chopped carrots and scallions. Worth it!


Price: Php 100 (Solo) Php 380 (Family)

Most of us are familiar with this, as Japchae is the Korean version of what we know as pansit. Kimchi Kingdom’s Japchae made me feel like I was actually eating it in a Korean household. This is one of the best Japchae that I’ve tried!

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Samgyupsal Kimbap (Best-Seller!)

Price: Php 120 (Solo) Php 350 (Sharing)

We all know that Kimbap is a Korean version of maki. You get to taste the combination of more than 8 different ingredients all in one bite! Kimbap is one of the most popular food in Seoul for busy students and businessmen because it is very convenient to eat.

Kimchi Kingdom also shared, “Our Kimbap includes marinated samgyupsal (pork belly) that is wrapped around an iceberg lettuce. The seaweed, radish, and fishcake gives supplementary taste to what is already delicious! Just for trivia, one order of solo kimbap contains 1 bowl of rice. It can really get you full!”

Want some? Get some!

Kimchi Kingdom is strategically located in the Lower Antipolo, Rizal. You can reach them on Facebook through their fanpage. Want a reference of food to order? Check out their menu here:

You can visit and directly place your orders on Kimchi Kingdom’s Facebook Page here.

I assure you bes, worth it!

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