Zico Reportedly Sets Up His Own Agency

Rapper and producer Zico, a former member of an idol group Block B, has set up a one-man agency after leaving his group and his former agency, Seven Seasons.

According to some sources, Zico recently opened an office and began working as the head of a solo agency. A previous employee of Seven Seasons is helping Zico. Some says that the name of his agency is King of the Zungle (KOZ), which is also the title of his world tour concert.

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Zico, who debuted in Block B in 2011, has drawn attention by producing his own team’s album as an idol-rapper with exceptional music production skills. He released a chart-topping hits such as “Eureka” and “Artist”.

He visited North Korea in September last year and performed for the members of the 3rd inter-Korean summit.

After his contract with Seven Seasons ended last year, he had been thinking about his moves and eventually decided to establish a label on his own instead of joining another agency or collaborating with other producers.

The remaining 6 members of Block B member signed a new contract with their current agency, Seven Seasons.

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