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“The World of the Married” surpasses “Itaewon Class” as second highest-rated drama in the history of JTBC

JTBC’s “The World of the Married” has surpassed “Itaewon Class“, becoming the second highest-rated drama in JTBC!

On its 6th episode, the drama has hit the rating of 18.8% nationwide and 21.4% on Nielsen Korea.

With this new achievement, “The World of the Married” has set the bar high. Furthermore, it is considered as the second-highest-rated drama next to “Sky Castle“.

“The World of the Married” is about a married couple wherein the husband betrays his wife by having a relationship with another woman.

The drama premiered its first episode on March 27 with a total of six episodes to date.

Congratulations to the casts of “The World of the Married”. Have you watched it bes?

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