Korean zombie film, ‘Alive’ is coming to Netflix this September!

Brace yourselves as this Korean zombie film, Alive starring Park Shin Hye and Yoo Ah In, will grace on our Netflix screens starting September 8!

Netflix posted the 4 minutes and 10 seconds opening scene of the said film on August 25, through their official Facebook page.

The caption reads, ‘Here is the ACTUAL opening scene from #Alive, a Korean zombie film starring Park Shin-hye and Yoo Ah-in!!! 🧟You’re welcome. See what happens next on September 8!’

Alive is a 2020 zombie survival thriller film released on June 24 in South Korea. It was directed by Cho Il Hyung, based on the 2019 script, Alone by Matt Naylor, and produced under ZIP CINEMA and PERSPECTIVE PICTURES.

The film revolves around the sudden outbreak of a mysterious virus that infected a lot of people, turning them into zombies, and begins to spread out of control all throughout the modern day Seoul.

The survivors are trapped in their apartments struggling to stay alive, without any access to cellular data, Wi-Fi and even in sending and receiving text messages and phone calls.

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Their only source of information on the outside world is the news from TV and what they can see outside their windows.

In this film, Oh Jun-U ( Yoo Ah In) and Kim Yu Bin (Park Shin Hye) are neighbors but have opposite personalities. Jun-U is a typical middle-class boy who enjoys computer games and surfing in social networking sites.

Yu Bin on the other hand, is into camping tools and telescopes. With their different specialties, they work together to stay alive amidst the terrifying happenings.

Moreover, according to Korean Film Council, Alive surpassed 1 million moviegoers within five days of its release as it reached 1,180,200 moviegoers as of June 28 at 5pm KST.

Are you excited to see Park Shin Hye and Yoo Ah In again in Alive? It will officially premiere on September 8 through Netflix. Enjoy!

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