Quotable Quotes From Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim Season 1

As Season 2 of Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim comes to an end, it gives me a bittersweet feeling. To be honest, this is one of the best medical dramas I have watched.

It is not just about doctors or nurses; nor only about sickness or operations. The drama did not revolve on one topic, which is amazing because of how smooth each transition makes. It is about the life of different people and how their choices affect them. The choices they make are not always the right one, but the lesson that they learn and the person they become in the end is what I love because it gives me hope.

The story implies that a person like me has the chance to be a better version of myself.

This will be a two-part Quotable Quotes. One will be for Season 1 and the other for Season 2. Here are some of the quotes that I love and some lessons needed to be heard :

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Season 1 Quotes

“Just because you vented your frustrations doesn’t mean you’ve gotten revenge. Even if you go around swinging a baseball bat for 100 days those people probably won’t remember your face.”

– Dr. Boo Yong Joo

“If you really want to get revenge.. become much better human being than those people.”

– Dr. Boo Yong Joo

“Don’t get revenge with anger, but with skill.”

– Dr. Boo Yong Joo

“If you don’t change, nothing else will either.”

– Dr. Boo Yong Joo

“If there’s something worse than failure, It’s regret.”

– Master Kim

“You can blame the system or the world. You can blame all the people who messed up the world if you want. However, nothing will change even if you try so hard to blame everything. Those people won’t even remember your name. If you really want to win, be a doctor who can serve. Stop blaming them and pay them back with your capability.”

– Master Kim

“If your decision is to give up and call it done, nobody’s gonna blame you. But if you do so, you will look back on that moment for the rest of your life.”

– Master Kim

“Rules never change under any circumstances. Changing your words according to people and circumstances is not a rule, it’s merely an excuse.”

– Master Kim

“I know things will get tough, but once you get through it all, your life will be changed.”

– Yoon Seo Jung

“I feel like I couldn’t quit because all my suffering until now would’ve been for nothing. And I don’t have the confidence that I’d be better at anything else if I quit.”

– Kang Dong Joo

“Unless he finds the reason to stay, he won’t be happy here no matter what.”

– Master Kim

“If you know the truth, do you ha e the courage to tell it to the world?”

– Master Kim

“Being corrected and being looked down upon are two different things.”

– Park Eun Tak

“In our lives, there are things you can only see after the lapse of time, such as why such things happened to me, why I met those people, and why that coincidence even happened. There are moments that I had no regard for, and soon they start to have significance one by one. At some point, it started making a path.”

– Master Kim

“Did you know what’s the easiest thing in this world? It’s breaking a relationship. It doesn’t require any money or effort. You can do it with a word.”

– Do Yoon Wan

“Do you know what’s the hardest thing in this world? It’s to overcome yourself.”

– Oh Sung Jae
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