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Dara takes photos with iKON’s DK + shows support for iKON

Dara shows her support for iKON!

Five days after the release of iKON’s second album i DECIDE. Dara took on her Instagram account a series of photos alongside iKON’s Donghyuk known as DK on February 11!

Check out Dara’s Instagram post below.

The actress turned K-pop star says that iKON babies are always good and awesome. She also keeps on replaying the songs featured in iKON’s album i DECIDE.

Meanwhile, i DECIDE is the third mini-album released by iKON on February 06. It features five tracks with titles: Dive, Ah Yeah, All the World, Holding On and Flower.

i DECIDE is the comeback album of iKON as 6 members after former leader Kim Hanbin left the group in 2019.

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Have you listened to iKON’s comeback album bes?

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