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K-Movie Recommendation: Cheer Up Mr. Lee

“I can take the pain, what’s important is not giving up. I can’t give up just because it hurts right?” – Saetbyul

Cheer Up Mr. Lee is a South Korean Movie about a physically fit and good looking Chulsoo (played by Cha Seungwon), but have special needs mentally. He lives with his younger brother Youngsoo‘s (Park Haejoon) family, and assists them with their small restaurant.

His life is a routine of making noodles at the restaurant, and going to the gym. One day, on his way back to his brother’s restaurant, a car stopped in front of him. An old woman asked for directions and requested for Chulsoo to ride with her and show her the way. He reluctantly joined her and as they drove, he gave directions however the old lady kept driving to a different direction. Chulsoo, unable to fight back, found himself in a hospital where his blood was taken for tests. After the tests, he met a bald child. His brother, Youngsoo noticed that Chulsoo was missing for a long time and called him. He found out where he was and went to get him. Upon arriving at the hospital, Youngsoo saw a familiar face, turns out that the old lady who took Chulsoo was in fact Chulsoo’s mother-in-law and the bald child that Chulsoo met earlier was Chulsoo’s daughter, Saetbyul (Um Chae Young).

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Saetbyul has leukemia, and the reason why her grandmother brought her father to the hospital was to check if he was a match for bone marrow transplant to save Saetbyul. The next day, Chulsoo went to the hospital with the help of a friend and found Saetbyul trying to sneak out of the hospital so he followed her. Saetbyul told Chulsoo about her friend in Daegu and the birthday gift he wanted, a baseball signed by Lee Seungyeop, the baseball player that her friend loves.

Would they be able to get what they are looking for? Or would Daegu give them something more?

If you love Miracle in Cell Number 7, you will definitely love this.


The movie moved me in so many ways. It made me realize how precious our life and time is to the world and how we should never give up. It also thought me how a small bit of kindness goes a long way.

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Life is given to us so we can live. Living and existing are not the same. We all exist but not all of us are living. If you die tomorrow can you say you have lived your life? Or will you be asking for more time? For an extension? Because you have so many things left that you must do. Live your life to the fullest. Enjoy it while you can. We will always encounter hardships, struggle and pain. And they will always come and go as they pleases. But despite all of these, we should never give up. We must endure it, or fight it because after it’s gone, life becomes more beautiful.

Do good whenever you can. “Pay it Forward.” Do a good deed a day and be the change that the world needs. You’ll never know that something small for you might be big for others. It might be a simple sentence such as “I am here for you” but for that person who heard it might mean a lot. You might even save a life.

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A story that might seem simple but will definitely touch your heart.

If you need a good cry, this one’s for you. Highly recommended.

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