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Sandara Park Says Yes To The #TalaChallenge!

A day after the members of WINNER took the #TalaChallenge in the Manila leg of their concert tour, K-pop fans are waiting for Sandara Park to showcase her version of the trending Sarah G. song too!

Last January 25, Dara was seen supporting her fellow YG labelmates in their Cross Tour Concert in Mall of Asia Arena together with Big Bang T.O.P’s sister Hyeoyun and nephew Yeonjun. Shared on her instagram account also are her photos with the members and a video of Hoony perfectly dancing to the steps of Tala.

It can be said now that she has been bitten by this dance craze when she finally did a dance cover of the song with no other than Teacher Georcelle of the GForce!

It’s Phil Pop meets K-Pop!

See Dara and her cute Tala grooves here:

Which other K-Pop Idols do you want to see doing the #TalaChallenge? How about you mga Bes? Are you up for it?

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