QUIZ: Are you Park Bo Gum’s ideal type? [PBG in Manila Special]

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Recently announced, Park Bo Gum is coming here in Manila! Want to know if you are his ideal person? Take this quiz to find out!

- Jonas

How do you like your partner's age?

1. Older than me.
2. Same as me.
3. Age doesn't matter at all.
4. Younger than me.

How do you style yourself?

1. Arranging my outfits a day before I will wear it.
2. Dress up according to the occasion.
3. Put on whatever I pick on the closet.
4. Pleasing for everyone.

What do you like to do the most?

1. Cooking; watching Tasty videos
2. Cuddling your dogs; taking them out for a walk
3. Lie down on bed
4. Scroll through your phone
5. Play an instrument

How do you imagine your dream date?

1. Roadtrip and jammings in a car
2. Formal date in a luxury restaurant
3. Stay at home; Netflix and chill
4. Eat in a restaurant
5. Amusement park

Describe yourself in one word.

1. family-centered
2. adventurous
3. cheerful
4. goal-setter
5. caring
6. straightforward
7. clingy
8. friends-centered

All 5 questions completed!

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QUIZ: Are you Park Bo Gum's ideal type? [PBG in Manila Special]

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