Study Korean Language in South Korea FREE of Tuition Fee with Living Allowance

Have you ever dreamed of coming to South Korea not just to shortly visit but to study there and stay for a long time? If you are looking for a scholarship to fulfill this dream then this might be your chance! Geumgang Language Institute under Geumgang University is looking for scholars to study Korean Language for their Spring Semester 2020 (March to June).

Here are some basic information about the program and how you can apply for the scholarship:

School: Geumgang Language Institute under Geumgang University

Location: Geumgang University, 522 Sangwol-ro, Sangwol-myeon, Nonsan-si, Chingcheongnam-do

Scholarship Offered: *FREE Tuition Fee and minimum allowance

Study Period: March to June 2020 (15 weeks)

Application Period: November 25 to December 20, 2019

Lecture Type:

  • Korean class: 4 hours × 4 days × 15 weeks = 240 hours in total
  • History and culture experience (once a month)
  • Level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)


A. Students who don’t have disqualification to study abroad as foreign nationality.
B. Currently enrolled in university studies or be on leave from university studies, or have graduated from university.
C. Recommended by college professor. (Student should submit a recommendation letter from University or professor)
D. Native English Speaker or Native English language skill holder to equivalent to native English speaker (or student who study related with English major). Actually, if you are good in speaking in English, then you can apply regardless of your race.
E. Student who could contribute to dissemination of Korean cultural and South Korea after returning to their country.

Application Procedure

A. Submission and selection of the submitted documents within the deadline (25/Nov/2019~20/Dec/2019). It is important to submit all the requirements within the given deadline.
B. Receipt of Acceptance Notice via e-mail. GGU will send an email to those who passed the selection process.
C. Remit dormitory fee (Compulsory). After receiving your Acceptance Notice via email, you will have to pay for the dormitory fee as this is not covered by the scholarship. The dormitory is around 500,000 KRW enough to cover your stay in the school dormitory for one semester.
D. Sending University Admission letter (hard copy) to your address. Once you have paid for the dormitory fee, GGU will send you the school documents that you will have to submit to the Korean Embassy in your country (or thru travel agency) to process your student visa.
E. Issuing Visa and Entrance. The list of requirements for student visa in Korea varies per country so make sure to check with the Korean embassy in your respective countries.
※ Pick-up in the designated place by the school bus
F. Submission applicant’s original documents.

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Documents Required

Please submit all the required documents below and compress them in one ZIP file with your Name_Country_Date of birth.
1) A Korean language application form (see the link below)
2) A dormitory application form (see the link below)
3) A statement of purpose (Explain why do you want to study Korean Language in Korea in essay form)
4) A student consent form (see link below)
5) An official enrollment (completion) certificate from the last school attended. (This could be your diploma or other form of completion certificate or enrollment certification if currently enrolled.)
6) An official academic transcript from the last school attended.
7) A letter of recommendation from applicant’s professor or boss (a letter of recommendation from director of Korean Cultural Center is available for recommended students from Korean Cultural Center)
8) A copy of the applicant’s passport and (if possible) alien registration card
9) A certificate of health (see link below). You will have to go through several medical assessment tests for this. The hospital doesn’t have to be a Korean Embassy-accredited but you can have it done there already because you will have to get a Medical Clearance again (for Tuberculosis) from accredited hospital for your student visa application once accepted.
10) Identification photographs (3.5cm x 4.5cm, including 2 photos on applications, bring more copies when you come to school)
11) A link (URL) of a video clip introducing yourself in English (NOT a movie clip itself). A reminder that you don’t have to be good in speaking Korean in your video introduction but you have to be good in speaking English though.
12) TOPIK certificate (if possible)
* Download the forms here.

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How to submit

Send via e-mail to:
※ Students who submit via e-mail should submit original documents after acceptance. Bring it with you when you come to Korea.
※ Recommended students should submit the applications to the person in charge of Korean Cultural Center.

Other Important Reminders from GGU:

A. If we find any incorrect facts from submitted documents, admission will be canceled.
B. When issuing visa, please cooperate for smooth procedure.
C. All the students must get an Geumgang University group insurance.
However, if a student already have overseas insurance, she/he could submit
the insurance paper and do not need to get insurance at Geumgang.
C. If a student give up studies after lecture begins, the student have to return given scholarship.

For inquiries, you may email:

For more information, you may visit the following websites:
Webzine ::
University website 1 ::
University website 2 ::
Dormitory ::

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Personal Notes from Annyeong Oppa Admin:

GGU Korean Language Scholarship has paved the way for my dream to study in South Korea. They offer extensive Korean Language Program for foreigners and we even have exciting Korean cultural exposure every month. We also have a Global Partnership Program where we teach English and converse with Korean student partners from the university. Moreover, though the school is outside of Seoul (3 hours via bus), it is a good place to study given its world-class facilities and excellent faculty members. *Note also that they will only shoulder your tuition fee and will provide you with minimum living expenses so you will have to shoulder the others.

The application and preparation for the scholarship and student visa processing might be tedious but it’s worth it. I’ll write a separate blog on how to process Student Visa to Korea so keep on following Annyeong Oppa in our social media pages for updates.

If you have any questions, you may email You can also message me by commenting or getting in touch with me on Instagram @joeylynonme (aside from Annyeong Oppa website, this is where I post most of my experiences since I moved to Korea this Autumn). Here are some photos taken at GGU:

Hope to see you in GGU next semester! Fighting!

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