The most awaited part for all PH Jin fans has come to an end when the first ever Spark Fan Meeting with Park Hae Jin wraps up!

On November 23, Park Hae Jin held a fan meeting in Manila! Leaving beautiful memories with his fans.

I am also a PH Jin fan and I feel so blessed to witness this very special day for him and his fans. I would like to share with everyone my unforgettable experience on the event. It seems like a dream come true and a memories I would treasure for life.

Here are some highlights of the event.

■ His grand entrance.

■ Park Hae Jin tried to taste Filipino dishes like Letchon Manok, Sisig, Bibingka and Sapin- sapin. He loves to eat and like sweet foods.

■ He sang his favorite song “As long as you love me”. His cool voice makes every fan girls heart skip a bit. Including yours truly.

■ A specific time of taking photos during the event.

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And also the most awaited part of the event is the hi-touch and Park Hae Jin’s interaction with his fans. One article is not enough to describe Hae Jin as a person.

In addition, the actor is a family oriented man. He lives with his mother with his niece and nephew. He also have a dog. Which made his fans adore him more.

It is such a happy sparkling night with Park Hae Jin. And all the fans went home with a happy heart. I’m sure Hae Jin feels the same way too.

Event brought to us by Artist League Manila.

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