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Park Hae Jin: A Man with a Good Heart

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Park Hae Jin is one of the successful Hallyu stars in the Korean industry. What do you think helped him to attain various awards and successes in life?

On August 11, we listed 6 facts about Park Hae Jin that will surely melt our hearts. Wherein, one of the mentioned facts is about Park Hae Jin being a good samaritan.

Indeed, the actor has a good heart who always makes sure to help the people who are in need. Despite his success, he remains a kindhearted person. Who wouldn’t fall in love with him, right?

It’s great to stan a handsome man but isn’t it so fulfilling to idolize a handsome man with a very big heart?

Meanwhile, Park Hae Jin will finally have his first ever fan meeting in Manila on September 21 at the Araneta Coliseum! Don’t miss this chance to see this kind hearted man in flesh, mga bes.

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See you there!

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