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SF9 Rowoon will show how Extraordinary he is with Extraordinary You

It’s not new to the fans of Kim Seok-woo (better known as with his stage name Rowoon) about his acting skills. He had starred several dramas such as School 2017 and Where Stars Land to name a few. And for the first time he gets to star as the male lead for the ongoing drama under MBC. The school fantasy drama called Extraordinary You.

Extraordinary You is based on a popular webtoon by Daum called “July Found by Chance” written by MuRyu, as of the moment there is no official English Translation for this webtoon. It tells the story of a girl who realizes that she was a part a manga story, but everything changed after she found out that she was just a supporting role and decided that she will create her own story and not just live as the way the writer wants her to be. But then no matter what she do, nothing goes her way until she met a mysterious guy played by no other than Rowoon. After series of mysterious encounters with him, she found out that he holds the key to her dream of changing her story.

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FANTASY, are you ready to see what powers Rowoon holds with his first lead role?

FANTASY don’t miss this chance to meet Rowoon Live in Manila on November 16, 2019.

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