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LOOK: INFINITE’s Kim Myungsoo’s at Style Magazine shooting scene

INFINITE’s visual, Kim Myungsoo, is displaying and showcasing his angelic face in his new magazine shoot!

Screenshot from At Style

Kim Myungsoo has been in the entertainment industry for nearly 10 years. His career bloomed and he is now rising to the top.

Aside from his talent in acting and singing, he also has the ability to make every girl weak in the knees and to turn their eyes into hearts.

Mga bes! Your jaw will definitely drop after watching the shoot! He literally rocks in his clothes. You’ll fall deeper through his fierce face — looking angelic and seductive at the same time; amidst the serious look, he still shows his goofy side.

Screenshot from At Style

Furthermore, he will return to the small screen through his next work in the first half of 2020.

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