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SF9 Rowoon’s Naver Dispatch Photoshoot

A lot of you might know him by the name of Haru. The tall handsome guy in the ongoing Korean Drama Extraordinary You. And who wouldn’t want to spend one day even a few minutes with him? 😊 His name is Kim Seok-woo or better known as Rowoon from the South Korean Boygroup SF9.

Rowoon was born on August 7, 1996. He is a main vocalist, visual and center for SF9. He started with minor roles in acting like his role for school 2017 where he played the role of a member of a famous boy group. His looks plus his height of 6’2″ adds to his charm.

Currently, this young man captures lot of people’s heart for his role in the on going drama Extraordinary You. His silent, mysterious demeanor captivates audiences of all ages.

Come and see him live as SF9 spend one night with Fantasy on November 16, 2019 at the New Frontier Theater.

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Enjoy the beautiful photos taken of him by Naver Dispatch as Haru.

©Naver Dispatch

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