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Park Hae Jin Expresses His Gratitude During the Wrap Up of His New Drama “Secret”

Park Hae Jin’s new drama Secret is finally done filming after six months. The shooting started last March in Gangwon Province.

Park Hae Jin is part of a rescue team and will be portraying the role as a firefighter. The drama aims to show the realistic and honest portrayal of the life of firefighters.

Moreover, Park Hae Jin is also connected in a fire department in real life as he is named as a honorary firefighter for sending donations and helping out volunteer works to help the fire department in South Korea.

Park Hae Jin stated that their filming took six months to finish and he would like to thank all the cast, staff, and the fans for their unending support. He also thanked the director-general of National Fire Agency and all those from the fire department.

Meanwhile, Park Hae Hin will finally see his Filipino fans on his upcoming fan meeting in Manila! It will happen on September 21 at the Araneta Coliseum.

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Be sure to catch our angel on this memorable event, mga bes!

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