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Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won confirm to team up in an upcoming KakaoTV drama


Photo from Ji Chang Wook and Channel Korea

Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won confirmed to team up in an upcoming KakaoTV drama, as announced on September 21.

The Love of Men and Women (literal title) will center on the love story of young people in a crowded city.

According to Osen, its premiere will push through this year, before 2020 ends.

Ji Chang Wook will be playing the role of Park Jae Won, who is an honest and dedicated architect, mesmerized by the alleys of the city.

On the other hand, Kim Ji Won will take the role of Eun Oh Lee, a freelance marketer and known for having a free spirit.

Recently, Ji Chang Wook’s Backstreet Rookie drama already aired its last episode.

Meanwhile, Kim Ji Won’s previous drama was last 2019, Arthdal Chronicles; she is also well-known with Fight For My Way, Descendants of the Sun, and The Heirs.

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Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won are currently in talks to star in an upcoming KakaoTV drama.

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According to a report of Daily Sports on July 27, an official from KakaoTV shared that the two celebrities received an offer to lead its new drama.

The Love of Men and Woman (literal translation of the drama) is a love story that centers urban sensibilities.

The drama will only have a total of 12 episodes with 25 minutes airing time for each of these.

With the different format it holds, this drama aims to give its viewers an ending that will make them curious and wait for the next episode.

It will be directed by PD Park Shin Woo who is also in charge of the popular ongoing drama It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.

It is written by Jung Hyun Jung and co-written by Jung Da Yeon.

As stated, it will start filming this October and expected to be released on November.

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