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#UpAllNightInMNL Highlights: N.Flying Successfully Wrapped Up Their First Solo Concert in Manila

South Korean band N.Flying hyped their Filipino N.FIAs last night at the New Frontier Theater for their very first solo concert here in Manila. This is the band’s second visit here in Manila. They found their Philippine N.FIAs very welcoming.

Members Seunghyub, Hun, Jaehyun and Hweseung are very comfortable and excited as soon as they stood up on the stage and performed their opening song, Up All Night.

Their energy doesn’t stop there and became more energetic as the show went on. They also performed their hit songs such as Spring Memories, Hot Potato, Crossroad, Leave It, Dont Mess With Me, Rooftop, and more. You can listen to the full setlist HERE.

The South Korean band proved that they are more than just an ordinary band who plays their own songs as they sang a Queen Medley. The medley ended with Queen’s famous song Bohemian Rhapsody which really showcased Hweseung’s vocals.

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To hyped their Filipino N.FIAs more, they even prepared not just another OPM song but a classic one! They performed Eraserheads’ Ang Huling El Bimbo which took us back to our good old days.

As a Hallyu fan and a concert-goer, this is the first time that i experienced a Korean artist concert with so much engagement between the performer and the audience. It was truly an unforgettable experience. Thank you so much N.Flying for the awesome performances.

This event is brought to us by Three Angles Production and FNC Entertainment.

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