Sandara Park, Bom Park, and WINNER promotes ‘Rainbows in Asia Music Festival!’

Still haven’t decided if you’ll go to the Rainbows in Asia Music Festival happening this September 21 at the Philippine Arena? Check some of the K-pop rtists who posted on their Instagram accounts to promote the event!

WINNER Members

Mino and Seungyoon both posted via their Instagram stories.

Hoony and Jinu on the other hand, posted the event poster on their Instagram profiles! The most exciting part? They wrote their captions in TAGALOG.

Most fans speculated that Dara, taught the two as they are all under YG Entertainment. Hoon replied to Jinu’s post with a hangul version of “Mahal ko kayo.” (as a fan, I couldn’t event contain my feels!)

Park Bom and Sandara Park

2NE1 Members, Dara and Bom also promoted the event through their Instagram profiles!

Bom’s caption translates to an answer to Dara’s previous post: “We’ll really meet like this! Yes, I will sing, and you will only be an MC??! #BlackPH♦️#ssangpark in the #philippines #Dara#Bom#2ne1  @dnation_official  #dnation #디네이션 #박봄 #parkbom #bompark #ぼム #朴春‎#بارك_بوم#”

You can still buy your tickets via The said concert will also air in South Korea by TV Chosun some time in October.

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