Cha Junho of Woollim Rookie, “I can’t wait to make my debut and meet my fans.”

Fashion magazine “Dazed” on Tuesday released a pictorial featuring the freshness of “Woollim Rookie” through its official SNS. They are Kim Dongyoon, Kim Minseo, Lee Hyeop, Joo Changwook, Cha Junho, and Hwang Yunseong.

During the pictorial, the Woollim Rookies showed off their lovely visual, charismatic appearance and their boyhood charms.

Additionally, it is rumored that despite the filming that continued until late at night, the staff praised them for doing the shoot and interviews with them with a good heart and a good attitude.

In an interview after the filming, Cha Junho of Woollim Rookie said:

It seems a rare experience to be loved by so many people all at once in my life. I want to make my debut and meet them as soon as possible, recalling those who support me even if I get tired sometimes.

Cha Jun Ho of Woollim Rookie

He also expreses his gratitude to fans who give great love and interest.

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In addition, Woolim Rookie expressed their bold aspirations, saying

I want to be someone’s artistic inspiration

I want to be a K-pop star who made Korea known and put my name on the textbook.

Pictures and interviews of Woollim Rookie can be found in the 12th-anniversary issue of “Dazed”. They are also available on the magazine’s official online platforms.

The current members of Woollim Rookie first showed their charms in the previous season of Produce X 101.

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