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LOOK: Song Hye Kyo Deleted Photos with Song Joong Ki on Instagram

The actress deleted all traces of his ex-husband, Song Joong Ki, on Instagram.

After being officially divorced, Song Hye Kyo already deleted all traces of his ex-husband, Song Joong Ki, on Instagram.

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She deleted the remaining last two photos with him including their wedding picture and a photo from their past shootings.

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All that’s left on her account are her gorgeous selfies and endorsement images.

Moreover, fans could not accept the fact that the two split marriage out of nowhere.

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However, now that she already deleted her last memories with Joong Ki, it is officially over for Korea’s lovely couple.

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  1. Please just be FRIENDS with one another. I think two years after the divorce some of the wounds, if not, all wounds are completely healed now. As you move on in your own personal lives…its nice that you will also release baggages of pains, ill feelings and remorse towards each other.

    By then, there would be less guilt or sorrow and moving on would be lighthearted not with a heavy heart. I admired Kyo because she remained cool and sooo silent. No hullabaloos…nothing at all just absolute silence on her side.

    Yeah photos have been deleted but the memories brought by them lingered in their hearts forever. Things end but memories last forever.

    FRIENDSHIP is waving upon you…

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