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ICYMI: A fan project video during Seo Kang Joon’s fan meeting in Manila!

A succesful fan meeting won’t be possible without the help of the official fans club of every Korean actors and actresses.

As for Seo Kang Jun’s recent fan meeting held last May 25, 2019. His official fans club Seo Kang Joon Philippines exerts so much effort in collaboration with all Kang Juns fans in order to give him a very memorable and unforgettable fan meeting.

The team prepares for a fan project video. Wherein fans were seen so busy making their gifts for Kang Jun. Also other fans were seen in the pictures holding a paper with a message from a song lyrics that says.

“I love you always forever. Near and far closer together.

Everywhere I will be with you. Everything I will do for you.

Near and far always and everywhere and everything.

Say you’ll love. Love me forever. Never stop. Never whatever.”

See full video here:

Thank you Seo Kang Joon Philippines for giving the best fan project for our Nam Shin.

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It is indeed a successful and memorable fan meeting for him!

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