Unveil in Manila: A HWANG-derful and memorable night with Min Hyun and HWANGDOs!

The most awaited moment of every PH HWANGDOs was finally unveiled last October 8, 2023. It was a lovely night full of awesome performances, kilig, laughters, and heartwarming moments.

Unveiling his “Hidden Side” 

Min Hyun opened the night with a powerful and jaw-dropping performance of “Hidden Side” from his 1st solo album, Truth or Lie. It was just his first song but New Frontier Theater was already filled with loud screams and cheers. He looked so hot while performing but turned into a charming man when he greeted Hwangdo (his fandom name) with an adorable, “Kumusta kayo? Namiss ko kayong lahat.” He visited the Philippines in 2018 and 2019, with Wannaone and Nu’est members, respectively.

He then welcomed Kring Kim as the host of the event. She had a short interview with him on what to anticipate for the rest of the concert. It was followed shortly with Min Hyun’s sweet rendition of “Honest” and “Earphone”. His beautiful voice and warm smile made everyone melt in their seat. 

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Game time with Min Hyun

Min Hyun was so cute and endearing all throughout this segment. His first task was to guess the part of the music video shown on the screen. Unfortunately, he failed. The next one was with the participation of his sweet singing voice. “Universe” played and he had to continue the next part when the music stopped. True enough he’s really confident because he got it so easily.

Down to the last part of the game, a scene from “Alchemy of Soul” played and he should guess his next line correctly for him to win the game. Our dearest Min Hyun tried his best but, he failed again. As a punishment, he danced to “Betcha” by EXO’s Baekhyun and “Super Shy” by New Jeans while wearing the cute headband that the fans chose for him.  

“On Air” with DJ Min Hyun

After his “Tree”, “So Beautiful”, “Perfect Type”, and “Cube” performances, a segment featuring DJ Min Hyun followed. In between his advice to the letter sender, he also captured everyone’s heart with his heartwarming voice. His live vocals were on another level and he delivered so well including the hits from K. Will and Jung Seunghwan. An all-rounder indeed!

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HWANGDOs love for Min Hyun is across the “Universe”

“Universe” was probably one the most awaited performances of the night. This song holds a very special place on Min Hyun and every HWANGDOs heart. 

The fans prepared a special fan project for him. His early beginnings were shown in the video. Some fans were also on it and he looked so adorable waving to everyone who appeared on screen. It’s very evident on his face that he was so touched by the surprise. 

On his last ment, he expressed his gratitude and appreciation towards his lovely fans. It was such an enjoyable and memorable night that everyone didn’t notice 2 hours passed by so quickly. Min Hyun shared not just his talent, but also his sincere heart and overflowing love for HWANGDOs. 

He ended the night as he sang the songs from his 1st solo album, “Crossword” and “Smile”. 

Thank you Min Hyun for this HWANG-derful and thrilling moment with you. Your sincere heart and warm smile will always be treasured in our hearts.

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We would like also to thank Pulp Live World for inviting us to be part of this unforgettable event! 

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