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LOOK: Kim Heechul’s new digital single is out!

It’s finally here!

Fourteen years since debut and ‘으주 대스타’ Kim Heechul finally releases a solo digital song.

The single, with a korean title “엿날 사람” and an english title of “Old Movie” is a Traditional Rock ballad that will surely bring you back to the 90’s. It was written by Heechul and composed by his group member Donghae. Also, the music video was filmed with Shindong as the director. (Talk about self-producing and multi-talented Super Junior.)

This marks Heechul’s first official solo song release besides his drama OSTs, M&D discography, random artist collaborations and recent duet songs with Buzz’ Min Kyunghoon.

This song further proves Heechul’s love and expertise on old songs and rock ballads that was continously featured on variety shows since his debut days. It can also be noted that he almost debuted as one of the main vocalists of SM’s band Traxx because of this.

Watch the Official Music Video below and see for yourself.

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Heechul will be having a talk concertHeeTalk” on May 4 & 5 at the Seoul Olympic Park K – Art Hall.

It was also announced that he will be hosting two new variety shows.

One is a new SBS show titled “Baek Jong Won’s Mystery Kitchen” with Alley Restaurant’s Baek Jong Won. Its two part pilot episode is set to air this May.

The other new variety show is titled “Studio Vibes“; a Music – Reality Program that is scheduled to air this May 1, 11PM KST on TVN. He will be co-hosting with Shin Dong Yup, Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA and Momoland’s JooE.

Let’s support this hardworking ahjussi (haha) and give him all the love that he deserve!

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