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11 Korean Celebrity Gamers

The Korean gaming culture is one serious business. They have national teams for different e-sport tournaments, PC bangs (their version of computer rental shops) are everywhere and being a Professional Gamer is a well respected career.

Here are 11 Korean celebrities that are so immersed in this culture that they can consider professional gaming as a fallback career:

1. Singer Hong Jin Yong

Ms. Love Battery is always recharged when it comes to games. She is recently so fond of playing PlayerUnknown’s Battleground that she even opened a Twitch channel for game live streaming.

2. VIXX’s Hongbin

Nicknamed as “The Hanzo Master” Hongbin is known as a skilled Overwatch player. He was even featured on SBS’s Jung Dae Man with member Hyuk where they played Overwatch with Monsta X’ Kihyun, Minhyuk and I.M.

3. Buzz’s Min Kyunghoon

Known as “homebody”, Kyung hoon will usually spend his day (and night) playing games instead of going on a night out.

4. Actor Lee Min Ho

An “open secret” among korean celebrities, this well – loved actor boasts of his Diamond Tier Rank in League of Legends. This means that he is among the top 0.06 percent of all the players in the Korean servers.

5. EXID’s LE

When she is not busy producing songs, LE will be by her computer playing Diablo. She have been caught on act multiple times.

6. Block B’s Jaehyo

Another avid League of Legends (LoL) player, Jaehyo even participated on celebrity LoL competitions and is currently on the Platinum Tier rank.

7. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

A.K.A Game kyu, he always boasts of his high level of skill in Starcraft whenever he can. He is also someone who will choose a computer part for gaming as a reward on a variety show.

8. FT Island’s Lee Hongki

Together with his 5 bandmates, he have been competing on 5v5 matches againsts Pro gaming Broadcast Jockeys. That is when he is not busy on his Pro Bowler career and life as an awesome Korean Rockstar.

9. EXO’s Baekhyun

Known for bringing another suitcase for his computer game equipment in all his travel. He has competed in invitational tournaments in League of Legends with his Platinum Tier rank. He even hosted a his own livestreaming show titled Baekhyun’s LoLlercoaster.

10. Super Junior’s Kim Heechul

Kim Heechul and Games? This is almost synonymous. I’ll bet that he’ll come up whenever you have korean and gamer as your search keyword. It is also possible that you’ll find more videos of him playing than singing. Also, he might have played a game or two with all the people on this list. He is also the other celebrity on League of Legends’ Diamond Tier rank.

His lifestyle as a hardcore gamer can amount to another article but I’ll be stopping here. Just follow him on his youtube gamestream channel HEEtube and Twitch channel @HEEwitch.

11. Singer Joon Joonyoung


Singer and ‘2 Days and 1 Night’ host Joon Joonyoung is a member of a professional gaming team Team Kongdoo. As a team member, Jung Joonyoung will now have access to Team Kongdoo’s specialized coaching system and support for content creation. Jung Joonyoung is known to play “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” in his free time between appearing on variety shows and creating new music, with scenes of him playing the game being broadcasted on various shows.

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