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Kim Heechul receives an Award and it’s not your normal type of achievement

Our ‘Space Big Star’ Kim Heechul proves yet again that despite his image (lol), he is actually a very upstanding citizen.

Today, Heechul was awarded the “Model Taxpayer Award” by the National Tax Service of the Republic of Korea.

He posted a photo on his instagram with the caption:

“This is model taxpayer Kim Heechul. the word ‘model’ really doesn’t suit me at all, right? I think so too. Kekekeke shy shy.. I’ll work on becoming Space Big Star Kim Heechul who will be either loved or hated but will abide by the minimum while living as a free spirit. #space_big_star_who_is_rude_but_wellbehaved”

Again, 아주 칭찬헤!

Also, congratulations on the successful Super Show 7 S!

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