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Is Actor Park Hyuk Kwon dating Actress Jo Soo Hyang?

Another rumored dating news mga bes!

Several news outlets reported that actor Park Hyuk Kwon and Jo Soo Hyang are dating.

A source close to the two couple said, “Park Hyuk Kwon loves in Jeju Island, Soo Hyang usually goes to Jeju to visit her lover.”

Statements from the Hyuk Kwon respective agency stated that it is hard to confirm since it is their private life.

The two rumored couple haven’t worked in any projects together, but their huge age difference were questioned by others.

Just so you know mga bes, Hyuk Kwon starred on the following dramas: ‘Six Flying Dragons,’ ‘Tree with Deep Roots,’ and will star on the upcoming drama, ‘Mung Bean Flower.’ While Soo Hyang is popular for her movie roles from The Priests and Wild Flowers. Her upcoming film, ‘The Jurors‘ also stars Park Hyun Sik and Moon So Ri.

Dating or not, we just wish happiness for this rumored couple!

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Hoping that they won’t receive hate due to their age difference and respect them.

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Featured Image: BS Today & 10Asia

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