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WATCH: A New Super Junior ‘Sub-unit’ is born!

Everyone, let’s all welcome Super Junior’s new Sub-unit, Cosmic Anchovy (우주 멸치).

In his youtube channel today, Heechul “debuts” with Eunhyuk as a duo with the name of “Cosmic Anchovy”. The name was a parody of “Cosmic Cowards / Universe Cowards”, Heechul’s Knowing Brother Project duo with Buzz’s Min Kyunghoon.

The video released showed Heechul and Eunhyuk during their practice for the SS7S “Sweet Dream” performance.

During the SS7S Day 1, Min Kyunghoon was able to sing it with Heechul live for the first time since its release. However, Kyunghoon was not available for the concert’s Day 2 so Super Junior’s Main Dancer came to the rescue.

Watch the video below that was posted in Heetube and see that this duo could actually work given the chance (and seriousness) to debut.

What can you say? Do you think Cosmic Anchovy will be successful? (LOL)

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