AO EXCLUSIVE: ‘Space Sweepers’ casts share journey in galactic adventure

South Korea’s first-ever outer space blockbuster, Space Sweepers, held its exclusive virtual press conference via Netflix on February 2, sharing their out-of-the-way galactic adventure as space sweepers in the year 2092.

The casts namely Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Ri, Jin Seon Kyu, and Yoo Hae Jin who are the crew members of spaceship Victory along with Director Jo Sung Hee joined the said event and talk about their roles, difficulties, and excitement for the film.

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Space Sweepers is a sci-fi film set in 2092, in which pristine habitat was created in space for UTS citizens (bourgeoise) because the Earth has become a bleak planet and will be uninhabitable soon.

It also revolves around the journey of the crew members of spaceship Victory in sweeping off the debris in space, however, changes occur when they find a dangerous 7-year-old human-like robot inside a crashed space shuttle.

As this robot becomes wanted by UTS Space Guards, they demand a ransom in exchange for the girl robot, and this quest they have faced might save the world.

Story behind Space Sweepers

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Director Jo Sung Hee heard stories about space and space sweepers from his friends 10 years ago, since then, he tried to develop and plan out this idea, and eventually it is now on board and will grace the Netflix’s screens three days from now.

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Moreover, Song Joong Ki who plays as space pilot, also shared that he accepted the casting offer without reading the whole script as he already heard about this sci-fi film during the set of A Werewolf Boy from Director Jo Sung Hee.

The two of them previously worked on the said romance-fantasy film and he really thought that the idea of Space Sweepers is interesting and amazing, thus when he was proposed to do the role, he immediately accepted it.

Kim Tae Ri as Captain Jang, on the other hand, agreed that the script is amazing and she was grateful when the role was offered to her; she also shared how passionate the director is in this film that made her trust and accept the role.

“In the first meeting, he (Director Jo Sung Hee) really told me about his vision and what he pictured the film would be. He had prepared so much and I could see much passion he had for the film, so I immediately trusted him,” she recalled.

Jin Seon Kyu portraying the role of a spaceship engineer testified that when he met the director and they talked about the unwritten parts in the movie that is not shown in the script, he felt the director’s passion and preparedness about it.

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“The script was very entertaining, however as to what its gonna be look like on screen, I admit that I was quite concern in the beginning. But the director drew us a picture literally on the white board, he drew me on what he was thinking of in terms of how Bubs would look like,” Yoo Hae Jin portraying the robot named Bubs shared.

Furthermore, as it is South Korea’s first outer space film, the casts are excited and nervous at the same time because of the title, but the director did an amazing job and according to Tae Ri, the film reminded her of the Hollywood’s films.

Why did it have to be year 2092?

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Director Jo Sung Hee explained, “People have built houses in space and grew plants there to create habitable biomes through massive scientific advancements, but people still work using spanners and grease up machine parts.”

In the film, the Earth in year 2092 has undergone severe desertification and is barely habitable, that is why five percent of the population has built houses in space; population is divided by two groups, UTS citizen who are the middle class and non-citizen, also known as working class.

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Cast line-up

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The director addressed that rather than stating the reason for casting the four actors into this film, he indeed was lucky enough to work with them assuring that every director in Korea wants to work with Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Ri, Jin Seon Kyu, and Yoo Hae Jin.

“The reason why I was given the opportunity to do that is because these wonderful actors chose to take part in the film and I’m still feel really grateful for them,” he added.

Moreover, as it was Song Joong Ki’s second time working with Director Jo Sung Hee, he recalled that nothing has changed and just like his character in the previous film they worked on 10 years ago, Director Jo Sung Hee is always there for him.

For Director Jo Sung Hee, Song Joong Ki continues to be a friendly person and a leader on set which he can depend, trust, and rely on just like 10 years ago in the film, A Werewolf Boy.

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The casts and the director invite everyone to watch Space Sweepers on Friday, February 5 at 4PM PST only on Netflix.

Watch the trailer below:

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