VISIT: Be Like Liza Soberano and Visit ‘My Ex and Whys’ Shooting Locations in South Korea

Want to be more like Liza Soberano? Visit these shooting locations from her film, My Ex and Whys!

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“Pangit ba ako? Pangit ba katawan ko? Kapalit-palit ba ako?” 

–Cali Ferrer, Liza Soberano (My Ex and Whys)

This is a very famous line or quote from 2017’s high-grossing romantic-comedy film, My Ex and Whys.

My Ex and Whys was directed by multi-awarded known director, Cathy Garcia Molina.

Moreover, Reaching 400-million peso mark worldwide, it is the top film of 2017.

It mainly talks about a womanizer named Gio (Gil), who tries to prove he’s a changed man to his ex-girlfriend, a blogger named Cali (Soberano).

Cali, on the other hand, tests if Gio really has changed, and things didn’t go as planned.

Aside from the story itself, it is a lot known by others that the film was shot and taken in some familiar and popular places in South Korea.

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Here are some places they went:

1.) Nami Island

I believe this is the most famous from all places from MEAW.

IMAGE: Star Cinema
IMAGE: The Travel Intern

According to TripAdvisor, Nami Island is Korea’s most globally recognized tourist destination and cultural brand welcoming over 3.3 million guests annually.

Moreover, Nami Island is a peaceful place promoting culture and leisure in harmony with humanity and nature.

Here, you can enjoy the different Metasequoia trees, the Gingko Tree Land, Korea Pine Tree, Cherry Tree Lane and the popular Winter Sonata Beach.

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2.) Everland Theme Park

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IMAGE: Bibimbap World

According to Bibimbap World, Everland is a world-class theme park in South Korea.

Set on a beautiful landscape surrounded by rolling hills, it boasts of five theme zones and each zone offers different kinds of fun and rides.

IMAGE: Bibimbap World

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3.) Dongdaemun Market

IMAGE: South Korea Hotels and Travel Guide

4.) Mugyewon (Art and Culture Space) & Buamdong Street

IMAGE: Korea Joongang Daily
IMAGE: Korea’s Hidden Gem

5.) Deoksugung Palace

IMAGE: The Seoul Guide

6.) N Seoul Tower

IMAGE: Trazy
IMAGE: KoreaTravelEasy

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7.) Myeongdong Street

IMAGE: Sotetsu Hotels
IMAGE: The Jakarta Post

8.) Naksan Park

IMAGE: ^watermark
IMAGE: The Seoul Guide

9.) Ihwa-Dong Mural Village

IMAGE: SEOUL Magazine – Seoul Selection
IMAGE: MyFunFooDiary

10.) Ikseondong

IMAGE: Seoul Secrets

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