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Kim Heechul to join in upcoming variety show

Heetube has landed a new variety project for ‘우주대스타’ Kim Heechul.

SBS Plus (SBS’s cable channel) announced that a new content variety is set to air this April. The program, titled “Channel Rental” (working title), will show what happens when a popular creator’s (term for people who does online broadcasts) channel is borrowed by the celebrity casts for one day to produce their own contents.

The show will feature new “youtuber” Heechul, travel creators Yeo Jung and Kwon Hyuk Soo, soccer BJ (broadcasting jockey) Gamst and Ji Sang Ryul and mukbang (eating broadcast) creator Sugi. There are other celebrities to collaborate with them such as EXID’s Hyerin, Jun Hyosung and comedian Kim Ji Min.

It can be remembered that Heechul recently entered the field of online broadcasting with his youtube channel, Heetube. He revealed in one of his broadcasts that it was a way for him to constantly reach out to his international fans given that it was apparent that his activities will be more or less limited in Korea because of his current health conditions. He also expressed that he was really serious on this project when he even had a meeting with Google Korea about it.

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Here is the recent video upload from his channel in case you are curious:

Channel Rental” is set to air its first episode on April 8 at 11 p.m. KST.

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