Song Triplets faced racism while living in France

People would even dump bottle with urine at them, said Song Il Kook.

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Song Il Kook, the father of the Song triplets, confessed that his family experienced racism while staying in France for a year.

“I have a year in France, I felt a lot of racial discrimination”

Song Il Kook via Newsen

In his interview with Newsen, he said that his family went to France for his wife’s training. And in those times, he revealed to face racial discrimination especially to his kids, Daehan, Minguk and Manse.

He said, “We went through a lot there. Some people would swear at us on the street simply because we were Asians.”

The worst case in this scenario is that, the triplets were just peacefully playing at the playground, and then suddenly, some people would dump bottles of urine on them.

As a father, Song Il Kook confessed he really becomes furious and heated.

The triplets together with their father became known because they appeared on the KBS’ reality show, “The Return of Superman” from 2014 to 2016.

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4 thoughts on “Song Triplets faced racism while living in France

  1. I watched his show from the day his boys where born, loved how he took care of them, a great father..As a european myself, I think very little of the people in France, they are well know to be rude and in his case disgusting..They preach racism for others, however due not practice this for themselves..They city is full of muslims and they hate many foreigners..I’m happy to see them back in south korea..

    1. What happened to Daehan, Minguk, Manse, Song Il-Kook and Jung Seung-Yeon was so horrible and it shouldn’t have happened! It is so horrible that the family experiences so much racism and hate! Stop Asian Hate! Stop AANHPI Hate! The hate crimes and the racism is so horrible and it shouldn’t be happening! No one should be afraid to leave there home and everyone should feel safe in their community! I stand with the Asian Community! I stand with the AANHPI Community! I hope the family is doing well!

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