Thai adaptation of K-drama hit ‘School 2013’ to be released in 2024

On October 17th, GMMTV announced its lineup of shows for 2024 and one of the series is an adaptation of the hit KBS series ‘School 2013’ starring Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk.

Entitled ‘High School Frenemy’, the Thai adaptation will star Nani Hirukit as Shin and Sky Wongravee as Saint. This will be Sky’s first project with GMMTV and Nani’s project after the series ‘Home School’.

Official poster of ‘High School Frenemy’ courtesy of GMMTV

The series is about current issues among youth such as bullying, school violence, deteriorating teacher-student relations, and other real-life high school dilemmas.

Shin (Nani) and Saint (Sky) used to be the best of friends but something happened that drifted them apart. With all the chaos around them, will they have a chance to reunite and be friends again? Let’s find out.

Watch the trailer of ‘High School Frenemy’ here:

Check out GMMTV’s 2024 lineup of exciting shows on their official YouTube channel.

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