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LOOK: Adorable Song triplets share their creative gifts for parents on a special occasion

Prominent actor Song Il Gook posted photos of Song Triplets on Instagram; featuring the triplets’ presents for him and his wife Jung Seung Yeon. Wherein, the creative gifts were made to celebrate Parents’ Day on May 8.

Subsequently, actor Song Il Gook has written a sweet caption for his sons; “Parents’ Day. Thank you for growing up healthy, Daehan, Minguk, Manse!”

Below are the screenshots of pictures shared by Song Il Gook on his Instagram.

On the first picture, the smiling triplets with their cards can clearly be seen with carnations in front. While, on the second picture, one of the triplets has drawn a smiling boy with arms in the air and has stated in the letter; “I love you. Thank you.”

Next, another card from one of the triplets can be seen; in which, it was said in the text how grateful he is to their parents for nurturing them, then there’s a drawing next to it. Lastly is a card coming from Manse, who has also extended his gratitude to their parents for raising him; adding, “I love you.”

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Song triplets are indeed sweet and adorable on their own ways. No doubt why many fans have been idolizing and loving them since they had appeared in The Return of The Superman. You can visit various official websites and apps and to watch the Song family in the said show.

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