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Cube Entertainment’s new unit with Wooseok and Kuanlin releases 1st mini album

Cube’s maknaes are here to slay!

On March 11, Cube Entertainment’s new unit composed of Lai Kuanlin and Jung Wooseok (Pentagon) released their 1st Mini Album titled “9801″.


[📽] #우석X관린 – 1st Mini Album “9801” Audio Snippet
2019.03.11. 18:00 (KST)

Here’s their tracklist:

1. 별짓
2. Hypey (Feat. Jackson Wang)
3. Always_Difficult_Always_Beautiful
4. Good_Feeling

The album was titled as 9801 being their birth year: 1998 for Wooseok and 2001 for Kuanlin.

Wooseok and Guanlin are also known as the Giant Maknaes of Cube.

The mini album consists of five tracks with the title I’m a Star (별짓). Wooseok and Lai Kuanlin both took part in writing lyrics for their title track.

Track #2 “Hypey” is co-composed and co-written with GOT7’s Jackson Wang.

Track #3 is co-composed with Kino of PENTAGON — “Always Difficult Always Beautiful” with Wooseok and NATHAN.

Wooseok also co-composed and wrote the lyrics for “DOMINO.”

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Kuanlin also said when he was on Produce 101 that he wanted to be like his Wooseok sunbaenim.

Is this destiny that they get to work together? *screaming fangirl inside*

Don’t forget to stream, listen and anticipate how daebak this unit is! Use the hashtags and let us see how cool their stages will be.



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