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Jonas Brothers reveal that their ‘Suckers’ MV is inspired by BTS and Blackpink!

In an interview with Beats1 Radio, Jonas Brothers were asked if they know the popular Korean boy group – BTS. Kevin replied with a strong “Of course!”

Kevin, the eldest of the trio, also said “Love BTS! I’ve been obsessed with K-Pop…Joe (was like) also watches 24 straight hours videos of K-Pop…”

Nick revealed that their latest single ‘Suckers’ was inspired by BTS and the girl group Blackpink. He said, “You know when they really care about visuals which they do and focus on – even on Blackpink as well…there are so much of their visuals, such stunning and it’s art.” He also added, “I think on our video, we adopted a bit of that mentality… We want this to jump out of screen even if it doesn’t make sense, not narrative but free. We’re looking for what’s working right now and what’s connecting people with us.”

Of course our Jonatic – ARMYBlink hearts can’t kalma mga bes!

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You may listen to the interview here:

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